Adapted Housing – Centre-du-Québec

If you need to find adapted housing in the region of Centre-du-Québec, you can look for resources other than schools. There are other sources of information available to you when looking for adapted housing. Below are some of the other organizations and institutions that can help you:

Handicap action autonomie / Victoriaville

59, rue Monfette
Victoriaville (Québec)     G6P 1J8
Tél. : (819) 758-0767


Association des personnes handicapées de Drummond

450, rue Heriot
Drummondville (Québec)    J2B 1B5
Tél. : (819) 477-7787

Mouvement des personnes d’abord (MPD’A)

255, rue Brock, bureau 433
Drummondville (Québec)     J2C 1M5


It must be noted that l’Association des personnes handicapées de Drummond has designed the website in order to allow individuals living with disabilities to become familiar with the different types of housing that are accessible to them. On this website you will also find the information you need to find adapted housing in the town of Drummondville.


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